Be Bowie

Branding, Creative Direction & Social Media Activation


Bowie, a recently established restaurant by the mastermind behind Ciccia Ristorante and The Gentlepig, chef Matteo Meacci & Ciccio Group. Bowie aims to offer a unique dining experience that combines Western and fusion cuisine with a creative twist. Drawing inspiration from the legendary rockstar David Bowie, the establishment seeks to convey a sense of freedom and rebellion through its brand. It caters to individuals who crave a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, providing a space where they can truly be themselves.

What We Do

From the very inception of our design process, we embarked on creating a brand identity for Bowie that captured the essence of the owner's inspiration and the pulsating energy of music. With a mere hint of these elements, we set out to craft a logo that would be both striking and unpretentious, while still embodying the youthful rebellious spirit synonymous with Bowie. Our objective was to strike a delicate balance between capturing the essence of the iconic rockstar and avoiding excessive thematic representation.

Taking a comprehensive approach, we meticulously designed all the visual collaterals associated with Bowie, ensuring that no detail went unnoticed. From the menu books that would guide patrons through an extraordinary culinary journey, packaging designs, to the tiny knick-knacks like pins that served as subtle yet delightful accents, we dedicated ourselves to infusing every element with careful thought and attention to detail.

By seamlessly blending creativity and functionality, our team brought the brand's vision to life. Each visual component was thoughtfully crafted to resonate with the desired atmosphere of the restaurant, contributing to an immersive experience for every customer. Our commitment to excellence ensured that even the smallest items were designed with the same level of care and precision as the larger ones, resulting in a cohesive visual identity that extended across the entire spectrum of Bowie's offerings.

The Results

BOWIE's brand is finally born, showcasing its core values and completing the stunning vibe. We generated buzz through social media, creating anticipation for the grand opening. The launch was a remarkable celebration, captivating attendees and solidifying BOWIE's status as a must-visit destination.