Integrated Branding 101

Integrated Branding 101

Posted by Fen-Fen on 05 December 2017



with various parts or aspects linked or coordinated.

Over the last few years, communication techniques have been evolving fast. Marketing tools are varied and we have more and more options. A number of multinational and big companies have demonstrated that when integrated marketing is done well the results are transformative. Now the next questions would be, what is integrated branding really? Should we do it?

We only learned about branding a couple of years back that branding goes beyond just a logo and now we are on to integrated branding. What does it mean for branding to be integrated? Integrated branding has so much to do with marketing communication because it should involve various parts and aspects linked or coordinated (in this case different platforms, tools, and media); otherwise, it's not 'integrated'.

Integrated branding happens when 3 main aspects of a brand are fulfilled and moving together in the same fashion towards the same goals. These three aspects are strategy, experience, and activation. And design is only a small part of ‘experience’ and it has to follow the direction set by ‘strategy’. Same goes with ‘activation’. We can all see that the key for integrated branding to work is common goals and consistency so that the brand delivers the unified message.

There isn’t a brand too big or too small for integrated marketing strategy. Being integrated is a wise move nevertheless. Decide your core values as early as possible and align all actions with them, not the other way around. Your brand will not be an overnight phenomenon by being consistent, you are building a strong foundation to last long and always sit at the back of your audience’s head without them even noticing.

Is your brand consistent? Or are your audience confused and not noticing your stance in the market? It’s not too late to start now.

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